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Back in Seattle - Noelle in Biloxi
Writing about my work trip to Biloxi, MS
Back in Seattle
My cough is bugging the hell outta me. I'm at work today "catching up" on stuff.  Half of Seattle is wary of ice, the other half is drinking their misery away at the Hawks' loss - so they aren't coming to learn about the revitalization of the South Lake Union neighborhood. I read the past 25 or so entries on the HOGC blog.  Occasionally, I glance up to see "Fred" (I think that's his name).  My coworker Laura made this little self-sufficient terranium thing and this one fern likes to grow a little stem about 5 feet in the air.  The entire pot is less than a foot tall, so the disproportion is amusing.  He's one eager beaver happy little fern.

At this exact moment: I miss warmth and humidity. I feel slothy sitting at my desk.  I spoke to some urban planning students a little bit ago and I was refreshed by my own words.  They're so engrained that I can't help but rattle them off with genuine conviction.  I scraped a weeks worth of ice and snow and ice and snow from my car this morning and kinda wished it was dry walling mud.  I'm scared to open my bag of wet towels, dirty clothes, and boots.  I'm missing my 11 Seattle Works buddies.

Unless you're reading all, like, 5 blogs that are relevant, you may not yet know the hurry and scurry departure story from last night.  I have some time, so let me fill you in. 

After our last day of mudding and sanding at the Guiding Light house, I was taking my 4 minute shower.  I am just throwing some clothes on when I hear Jan ask if any Seattle Works people are out there.  Fire drill time has come.

Turns out with the bad weather in DFW, American had decided to cancel our flight out on Sunday.  Which could mean not being back in Seattle until Monday or Tuesday.  I would have loved to stay longer, go to New Orleans, and even continue volunteering.  But I have this little employment thing waiting for me here, where they kind of care when I am there or not.

I took my first vacation days... well ever... to pay to go and work.  But I digress.

We had about 90 seconds to decide who would go, and about 4 minutes to pack up a week's worth of stuff and make it to the airport.  I don't know exact times, since it was all a whirlwind, but it was less than an hour from deciding to go and getting to GPT.  Of course, then we got there and the flight was delayed.  

It was hilarious seeing everyone go through security.  Jaxon had a box cutter and a pocketknife in his carry-on.  Erin had her toiletries bag.  Ryan had my leatherman.  We obviously weren't very conscious of what we were throwing where.  I miss my little blue leatherman squirt though.  That baby gets me through my days with a boy scout motto mentality.

So, we went and had a few beers.  I made a post on the HOGC blog, linking to our other blogs.  It's a bloggy kinda world we live in.  We looked at pictures.  

<Insert last post about my full bladder here>

I digress - my point is that the packing job was the crappiest packing job possible.  I'm surprised I didn't forget anything - at least not that I know of.  I even asked Jan to leave the CDs I had burned for the vans back at the base.  I have a feeling that they have a load of music already, but you never know if I have one or two tracks in there that they enjoy.

I came home last night to two of my roommates just getting in from a night out.  They were a little surprised to see me, and then I pulled two mini bananas out of my pocket and proceeded to eat them while I told them how excited I am about the possibility of hanging drywall in Ben's room.  They were like... ummm... Noelle, why do you have mini bananas in your pocket?

Sleep last night was good.  Coming to work was good.  

Ever wish you could lead more than one life and lifestyle simultaneously?  I love my life here in Seattle.  I love my job.  I love the neighborhoods.  I love that my family is all here and close.  I love taking the bus places.  I love downtown.  I love the water.  I love the parks.  I love the proximity to mountains and the ocean.  I love the green.  I love the sky.  I love the weather.  I love our skyline.  I love the diversity.  I love the people in my life here.  

But I also love adventure and doing different things.  I love taking on new challenges.  It is impossible to imagine a life without these things.  Could I go back and volunteer for a longer period of time in Biloxi?  Would I?  Abso-frickin'-lutely.  But not right now.  I'm too excited about my current work.  

And I really am that girl who gets up every morning, excited to go to work.  Excited to see my coworkers.  Excited to talk about sustainability, transportation and community.  Excited to tell people where they should grab lunch.  Excited to talk work over beers in the evening.  Excited to buy my tiny, little loft and live in the middle of a neighborhood I talk about every single day, in the heart of a city I am madly, deeply in love with.

In alternate lives, I do many things.  I'm an actor, a harpist, a clown, a tennis pro, a professional slacker, a waitress in a diner.  I live in a car, I live on a beach, I live in Africa, I live in space.  

But in this life, on this current path - I'm happy.  I've found some way, some wisdom, some perspective that helps me keep life from getting too... stagnant.  

I could live in Biloxi, build houses, scrape mold, pick-up trash, tutor and make balloon animals.  I might one day.  I do know that I will go back, and it won't be soon enough.

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