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hey - Noelle in Biloxi
Writing about my work trip to Biloxi, MS
Don't drink 3 or 4 bottles of water and two beers before getting on a plane without a lavatory. Holy moley. I thought I had two minutes to relieve myself before boarding and themn realized they were boarding all rows. I was so tired I was able to snooze a little, but the final descent, landing and longest taxi in the history of the world, I was hurtin'! Needless to say, our time in DFW was filled with relief and a lot of laughter. We played a game where you write a phrase then pass it around and someone draws a picture, then the next person can only look at the picture and has to guess the phrase. Everything keeps getting passed around until it comes back to the original person. We laughed hard. I hurt right now from it. Now I'm in the back of a crowded plane full of aggravated passengers. In the middle seat. Rock on. I miss my friends! :-)

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Current Location: DFW
Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: flight attendant telling us where to stow our personal items

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