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Friday and Saturday - Noelle in Biloxi
Writing about my work trip to Biloxi, MS
Friday and Saturday
We have continued to work on the "Guiding Light" house the past two days. Yesterday I continued to hang drywall. Erin and I worked with Eddie on a back closet. We did the early shift again yesterday and today. After finishing up yesterday, the "black van" headed to Shady's for happy hour. I bought some drinks and food for everyone (in an attempt to even out the money karma from people buying me drinks). The total for 6 people, two drinks each, plus soup and 14 wings? $34. Awesome.

We said our goodbyes at dinner. Jaxon started the coffee whisperer tradition (more later) and then gave our departure speech (on youtube later). Then we went to "Pub" and played Apples to Apples. I was so out of it- probably should have called it quits, but instead was a trooper and had a few beers. Further laughter and bonding (when I wasn't spacing out).

Today I've done some sanding, and some mudding, then some sanding, and then we did a little mudding. Then we decided to change things up a little and sand. Then we mudded. Good times.

I'm writing this from Le Bakery- just finished a tofu Vietnamese Poboy and it was awesome. The yummy sauces mix and soak the inside of the baguette. Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got poboy in my tummy. Tempting to get a Bubble Tea, but don't need the sugar.

Tonight we are venturing into NOLA again. The Saints are playing the Eagles at 7- so it'll be interesting to see how Saints fans prefunk. It will definitely be a departure from the past 6 days of manual labor.

I'm pooped. Not so much from the manual labor part. I've actually found that quite invigorating. It has been from going out every night and getting up so freaking early. But I still feel really good.

The people on this trip, both on our Seattle Team and with Hands On have been really great to get to know.

As fun as this has been to write, my thumbs are getting tired. Peace out.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: January 20th, 2007 01:50 am (UTC) (Link)
Great Job Noelle - you are inspiring. Keep it going. Kathryn
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